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Stone Cove Marina - Family Owned and Operated

We've been serving the marine community for two generations.

Stone Cove Marina provides many conveniences of today, but prides itself on a long history servicing the boating community at Point Judith. Since the 1800’s, the marina had been known as Roses and Priest boatyards until Louis Hanson purchased the properties to create Hanson’s boatyard. At that time, boats were hauled on a railway system. Some of the old tracks can be seen at low tide.

In the late fifties, George Mackenzie bought the boatyard and within two years sold it. It became Wakefield Marina. In 1973, the Wood family took ownership of the marina. Keeping the tradition of the past, it was named after Stone Water Fence Cove, the small cove located at the north end of the property.

When purchased, the marina was in bad shape. The store, office and shop were located in temporary buildings brought down from Quonset and set on pilings. The docks were sinking and the pilings were oak logs. Needless to say, the first ten years were a struggle. Also at that time, gas was being rationed. Over the years, Stone Cove has upgraded the docks, pilings, water, heads and electricity.  In 1984. the new building was constructed. During that period, Stone Cove was selling Mako and Sportcraft boats, Yamaha and Mercury outboards. After the Credit Union crisis of the early 1990’s, it was decided to get out of the boat and motor business and concentrate only on running a marina. We began to sublet a part of the building. It started with a bait shop, then an electronics store and finally, the coffee shop, Java Madness.

Over the years, we have gone through many changes to the marina industry. The one constant has been the ability to get onto the water. Whether it be fishing, cruising or hanging at the dock, Stove Cove’s mission is to make it as enjoyable as possible.

Down Pond - Oliver H. Stedman